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Check out our 2016 Video of "Daystalker"! Directed by the one and only Michael Ciesla.

Available NOW!

Get your 7" split with with our pals from The Empire Strikes directly from the band (10 Euro)
or over Savage Magic Records (USA). Amazing Cover artwork by Old Boy:

Listen to our 2014 Debut EP! Recorded by Loko Highman at Hidden Track Studios Cologne.

“Great bands of the genre would kill for High Energy R’n’R songs Starshooter and I’m In“

Capitain Poon's blog | 11/2014 | www.capitainpoon.blogspot.com.es

“...it reminds us of the illegitimate children of Nicke [Andersson] and his band”

rockway.gr | 03/2014 | www.rockway.gr

OX Fanzine says "listen to it!" and gives us 8/10!

Upcoming Shows
Stacy Crowne Tour Dates
Gig History
27.10.2017 The Cave, Amsterdam, NL
19.09.2017 Don't Panic, Essen, DEw/ The Casanovas
19.04.2017 Limes, Köln, DEw/ Nightstalker
29.11.2016 Sonic Ballroom, Köln, DEw/ Electric Eel Shock
05.08.2016 Sonic Ballroom, Köln, DE
30.07.2016 Mühlen Madness, Aachen, DE
13.07.2016 Blue Shell, Köln, DE
23.04.2016 La Bazka, Les Blés D'or, FR
05.03.2016 Cobra, Solingen, DEw/ Dirty Deeds 79
02.03.2016Blue Shell, Köln, DE
28.09.2015Underground, Köln, DEw/ Black Trip
27.09.2015T.O.M, Kreuzlingen, CHw/ The Empire Strikes
26.09.2015Ligera, Milano, ITw/ The Empire Strikes
25.09.2015Vecchia Scuola Pub, Brescia, ITw/ The Empire Strikes
24.09.2015Blah Blah Club, Torino, ITw/ The Empire Strikes
23.09.2015Slow Club, Freiburg, DEw/ The Empire Strikes
22.09.2015Horst, Saarbrücken, DEw/ The Empire Strikes
28.08.2015Ballroom Blitz 2015, Köln
05.04.2015Baracke, Münsterw/ The Empire Strikes
04.04.2015Freundlich und Kompetent, Hamburgw/ The Empire Strikes
02.04.2015Panic Room, Essenw/ The Empire Strikes
01.04.2015MTC, Kölnw/ The Empire Strikes
30.10.2014Blue Shell, Köln w/ Grandfather + Amplified Backdoor Creatures
04.10.2014Hagenbusch, Marl w/ The Sonic Beat Explosion
19.09.2014Flanagans, Köln
10.07.2014Sonic Ballroom, Köln w/ The New Christs
02.04.2014MTC, Köln w/ Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus